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The difference between full color and pattern temperature change heat transfer vinyl

2022-04-16 09:50 Penny
There are several categories of temperature-changing heat transfer vinyl, and what are their differences? Click this article to learn more about temperature-changing heat transfer vinyl.

Recently, our company has launched a new product - temperature change heat transfer vinyl.

The material of this product is TPU, and the color of hot stamping on clothes changes with the change in temperature:

温变刻字膜比较 01.jpg

The temperature changes heat transfer vinyl is divided into two types: solid color and pattern. The following are the differences between them:

(1) Different thicknesses: the thickness of the pure color temperature change lettering film is generally 0.15mm; the thickness of the pattern temperature change lettering film is 0.3mm;

 (2) The engraving machine is different: the pure color temperature change heat transfer vinyl can be engraved with a general engraving machine; the pattern temperature change heat transfer vinyl  needs a laser laser machine to engrave the pattern;

温变刻字膜比较 02.jpg

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