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What's type of self adhesive vinyl?

2022-05-09 10:06 Penny
What are the types of stickers? What are the materials and compositions of the stickers?

Types of self-adhesive vinyl?

The application of self-adhesive is very extensive, and it is mainly divided into paper and film.

01. Matte Silver Paper Sticker

02. Coated paper stickers

03. Transparent PVC Sticker

04. brushed sticker

05. Kraft paper stickers

self vinyl-dot 04.jpg

The components of the sticker?

Self-adhesive paper is composed of three parts: surface raw material, adhesive, and backing paper. It can be matched or customized according to specific needs.

Facial paper: According to the material, it is divided into coated paper/PET/PVC, etc. The back of the facial paper is coated with adhesive;

Viscose: The types are permanent adhesive (strong adhesive) type, removable (weak adhesive) type, and re-adhesive backing paper: ordinary backing paper and glassine backing paper, the surface is coated with a silicone oil layer, which has a barrier effect on the adhesive.

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